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War Forge is a 2D rogue-lite. Defend your forge and upgrade yourself with it, as enemies come from the left and right to destroy the forge!

Featuring a pixel-art style and medieval theme, with smooth animations drawn frame-by-frame!

Defend your forge from the enemies that come from the left and right!

Survive the onslaught of 7 enemy waves and 2 Boss waves!

Press the down key to interact, used for upgrading your armour at the workbench, and at the door to go upstairs and heal at your bed.

-Pixel art style, hand drawn pixel-by-pixel!
-Single player rogue-lite
-Medieval 2D action-platformer
-6 Player heroes, 10 unique enemies!
-Unique two-lane, two biome gameplay
-Animations made perfectly frame-by-frameay
-Slash, stun, shoot your way to victory!
-With a 200 x 120 resolution, it is able to perform well on almost any computer, maybe even your smart toaster!

This is a solo home-project I have been working on for 4 years on and off, and is the first serious game I have made.

Made in Clickteam Fusion, originally as a submission for Clickteam's #IWantToCreate game jam.

This is a community trial for whether or not this is worth further developing, so I would really like to know what everyone thinks of this game, and what features you like (and what you don't!). All comments and feedback appreciated.

Clickteam Fusion 2.5: http://www.clickteam.com/clickteam-fusion-2-5

Contact email:


WarForge v0.5.2 Alpha.exe 18 MB

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