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Join Quibo the lizard, Maple the mouse and Raymus the pangolin as they go on a grand journey in search of treasure. The adventurers must spread out to many different locations after a mishap with their treasure map, so join them as they travel across the lands!

Golden Leaf Adventures features a unique cast of characters and great environments! 6 Levels to play, 30+ secrets to collect. Each character has their own special abilities and ways of moving across the world, Jump, swing, roll, climb and grind your way through the levels!

Team Confirmed is comprised of 7 game developers. Focused on quality and the passion of creating a fulfilling and fun experience, we are:

Max Bainbridge: Artist
Zane Bronnimann: Artist
Ryan Coates: Artist
Janelle Ducker: Artist
Sally Gillbanks: Programmer
James Monk: Programmer
Konstantin Nuridzhanyan: Programmer

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